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.But if you want to think of it as me acting like the 'top banana' or TFTB or alpha female or whatever - fine, go ahead. I never said I was "submissive" in all things. I've said quite explicitly that I'm only sexually submissive - and only with dominant men. Being that I'm such an alpha female, I have any number of demands to make of any man that I would get into a loving relationship with. One is that I insist upon a man with integrity. That doesn't mean that he has to tell me every secret of his soul; because I also like a little mystery. But it does mean that he would not lie to me.

Your repeated (and repeated!) attempts to suggest that dominant men are lying to us all the time - and there's no way we'll ever really know for sure - sounds like a rather obvious effort to undermine our trust in the dominant alpha male. But here's a news flash: a man could be lying about anything - not just about how dominant he is. I'd be much more worried about the possibility that he has been badly abusive to women, and is lying about that, than him lying about being dominant. But since I'm a very good judge of character, and since I think honesty and integrity are among the easiest character traits to assess, I don't usually worry about any of that. (Plus, I can spot a fake 'Dom' pretty quickly, too.)

Of course, you're right that I will never know what I'm missing by so persistently refusing something that I would never, ever want. But then, I'm also missing out on experiencing the taste of rancid limburger cheese, and how it would feel to have tarantulas crawling on my eyelids. There are any number of things that I really don't mind "missing out" on, and sex with a submissive man is near the top of that list. Finally, let me say that I'm quite tickled to be called "The Submissive Goddess." (Perhaps I'll just start going by the initials 'TSG.')


by  DeeMarie on 2004 Oct 22 - 11:35 | reply to this comment
Exclusive relationships
Actually, I never said everyone was in an exclusive relationship, I said that as far as I could judge, most of the people on this website who are in relationships, are in exclusive ones; in fact I don't very well see how you could have a Taken In Hand relationship that wasn't exclusive.